Bill is a person in recovery and certified a Peer Support Specialist. Peer Support is based on the relationship between peers that focuses on each person’s strengths and inner drive to be healthy and thrive. Bill honors each person’s self-determination and works with you to make healthy decisions. Social interaction within the community is viewed as a source of support and relationships are primary. Our work is done outdoors in the community, not in an office. This is a strength-based recovery approach which is goal orientated and determined by the needs of recipient.

How It’s Done

Bill uses active outdoor learning to cope with and overcome the painful disease of addiction. He is a leader with lived experiences in addiction and recovery and uses nature as a healing force in our lives. Bill understand that time in nature is remarkably soothing and that time outside changes lives. Peer support services for addiction recovery consist of a series of outdoor experiences over a set period of weeks or months. Each session lasts 90 min with additional 30 min follow up with parents/guardians and others if needed. Sessions are structured activities which are booked in advance and take place during or after school and regular business hours.

Peer Support is open to youth as well as adults.

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Fees and Payment

Addiction Recovery and Peer Support Services: $70/hour

Additional travel costs apply depending on location.

Bill is a STRIVE/CCS vendor in some Wisconsin counties, call for details.