Mentoring is the art of transferring a lifetime of lived experiences to others through active role modeling, direct communication and hands on learning.

Mentoring is a traditional form of skill building that involves a commitment between mentor and learner to engage in a side by side relationship to bring about new ways of thinking, and an interchange of values and a change of identity.

How It’s Done

Our mentoring program begins with a brief interview followed by a series of active one on one or small group outdoor sessions.  Meetings last a minimum of 90 min and focus on a range of skill building such as hiking, backpacking, fire building, land navigation, canoeing and rock climbing.  Mentoring often involves an extended multi-day expedition directed towards advanced skill building and mastery.  Mentoring is available for youth as well as adults.  Call now for your free 15 min introduction to our Peer Mentoring Program.

Why Peer Mentoring?

Based on the understanding that each of us has knowledge to share, Peer Mentoring works with the exchange of ideas, skills and knowledge that we each possess.  The Mentor brings a lifetime of lived experience and mastery while the Mentee comes with enthusiasm, questions and fresh perspectives.  We are peers because we value each other’s experience and desire to learn.

Fees and Payment

Peer Mentoring Services: $70/hour

Small Group Mentoring: $550/day

Additional travel costs apply depending on location.

Bill is a vendor with STRIVE/CCS in some Wisconsin counties, call (608) 606–9004 for details.

Want To Know More?

Call (608) 606–9004 for your free 15 min introduction to our Peer Mentoring Program.