Introduction to Climbing

An entry–level day for those who want to learn the basics of moving over vertical rock with safety and grace. You will receive an introduction to the proper use of the harness, helmet and climbing ropes under the guidance of mature and professional staff. You will also learn about rock climbing safety and etiquette, proper belay commands and an overview of the current trends in rock climbing around the world. No previous climbing experience necessary.

Classes are taught on a variety of moderate rock routes suitable for novices with an emphasis on safety and fun. Everyone succeeds in this class!

Intermediate Climbing

This class covers the fundamentals of knots, belay contracts and anchoring, then moves into the important subtleties of climbing technique such as face climbing, jamming, lay backing and friction smearing. Hands–on instruction covers the establishment of the belay station, the dynamics of belaying and various belay techniques. The top rope anchoring component of this class introduces basic anchoring systems which utilize natural as well as technical anchors for both top and bottom managed systems, proper placement of hardware and anchoring vectors.

Advanced Climbing

Learn the technical skills of top rope anchoring and belaying. This program offers a hands-on approach to the essential skills every climber must master in order to be safe and competent on the rock. You will get an overview of the hardware and its proper use, as well as an opportunity to set up a variety of top rope anchors using natural as well as gear placement anchors. Includes practice with building rappelling stations, rescue scenarios and plenty of climbing. This class is a must for any aspiring AMGA or PCIA guide.

Two-Day Rock Craft Seminar

By combining program material from the Introductory and Intermediate classes you gain a lot of ground in two action packed days—a perfect way to begin the climbing season! You’ ll complete a progression of climbs using a broad range of movement techniques such as edging, crack and friction smearing. Using both top and bottom managed systems, each student is given personalized coaching to reach the limit of his or her ability and move into a higher state of accomplishment on the rock. This class also includes work with the fundamentals of belay and anchoring fundamentals using different belay devices, chocks, cams and anchoring techniques.

Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts of America Merit Badge

We are trained and certified in the BSA Climb On Safely program and we are the only guides in the area who are certified to administer the BSA climbing merit badge program. We give back to the scouting community by volunteering time to train scouts in first aid, leave no trace and of course, rock climbing. Call us for discount pricing on BSA/GSA rock climbing and wilderness programs.

When and Where

Each class begins at 9:00 a.m. and goes until 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Most classes take place at Devil’s Lake State Park unless otherwise noted. You will receive a detailed map and other instructions upon receipt of your payment and registration.

Climbing Partners

We maintain a teacher to student ratio of 1:4 and the maximum group size is limited. This means a better climbing experience for you. Most of our programs are appropriate for ages 8 and older; however, an adult must accompany students under the age of 10. One adult may accompany more than one climber under the age of 10. If the adult chaperone is not climbing he/she will not pay.

Fees and Payment

One-on-one private guiding $285 any day 9am-5pm by appointment.
Two people $300 (Sunday-Friday) $350 (Saturday)

Private Guiding Small Group
A full day of climbing by appointment only for you and your friends/family. You will have your own private guide for the day. We do not pair you up with unknown guests unless you sign up for an openly scheduled event. (Minimum 4 people).
$85 per person (Sunday-Friday) $95 per person (Saturday).

Private Guiding Large Group
We take extra care with groups of 10 or more by offering a high staff to student ratio to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for every member of the group and the public/climbing community. We strive to protect the environment at the rock climbing site by teaching leave no trace ethics and responsible rock climbing etiquette.
$85 per person any day by appointment.

Special rates for non-profit groups, call (608) 606–9004 for availability.